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Live Show Productions

Metal and Honey Acoustic Concert

Operated Handheld Camera for a charity concert. Always love the opportunities to run around the stage to capture beautiful and interesting shots. 


Hall of Fame Sessions

Jib Operating for Hall of Fame Sessions and Conferences. Similar to being at a College Game Day with this production!

IMG-9128 (2).jpg

Orlando Predator’s Press Conference

Video Directed and Technical Directed for a Press Conference. No better feeling than cutting cameras in real time!


Samaritan’s Village Live Ceremony 

Video Shading for Samaritan's Village Benefit Ceremony. Had preset the cameras to match with the same color chart prior to show and operated iris throughout the ceremony.


Tampa Bay Rays Esports Finals

Jib Operated this streaming show. Prior to the start of show, jumped into the scissor to assist the Lighting Operator with focusing lights. My experience as a best boy really helped out on this job!


Orlando Philharmonic 2023

Jib Operating for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra! Nothing like listening to Mozart while booming across an audience. What a Fantastic show to have been apart of!

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