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Cuozzo with a Camera

Jonah Cuozzo is a Director of Photography, Camera Operator, 1st AC, 2nd AC, and Lighting Technician. He received his Bachelor of Science in Cinematic Arts from Liberty University and a Master's in Film Production from Full Sail University. He has over five years of on-set experience working for companies such as A24, Kendrick Brothers, Sony Pictures, Cinder Lighting and Grip, and on various commercials. At heart, Jonah believes in hard work and determination to try to go beyond the impossible in order to full fill your dreams. If it were not for hard-working individuals coming together to support each other, teamwork would never happen. He is thankful to everyone who has ever encouraged him to pursue his dream and hopes to give back to those people by inspiring the next generations. Cuozzo’s credits include First Responders, LifeMark, The Warehouse, Lego Masters Season 3, Hera, All Dirt Roads Taste of Salt and various commercials and live shows. 

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